Trihatlon With dog 2016

So we did it🙂🙂🙂🙂 

8th place… Swiming went very well and so did cycling but Running we läst some going up the hills… But we did the very best we could. I’m proud of My dog Mom Rebecka Borglund.

Here is our movie from our day😅😅😅😅

Over and Out Skott the Border Collie


Is the Day! Our first Trihatlon competition! But I’m very buzyyyyyy right now…. Have ALOT to do…. NeXT weekend I’ll be in My first hearding competition. And in 3 weeks I’ll be in My first World Agility Champion.

What a greate life I have 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

I’ll let you know how we are doing.

Over And Out Skott The Border Collie


Our first outdoor swiming together me and My Mom, Rebecka Borglund. We are gettingcloser to Out first ever Trihatlon competition in september. So excited both of us. I Love to do everything that has to do With traning so this will be fun.

The distance are 200 m swiming, about 5 km cycling and about 5 km running. Tomorrow Mom is gone try the hole distance for the first time. But I wont be With her. In 5 days we have a big agility competition in norway the scandinavian countrys competing against eachother. So I need some days of rest. 

 Our first swim in the Nice little lake Ljungsjön! 
​ Halmstad hundsim has given me the honor and sponsord me With this greate Life jacket.t

Thank you Anna Åkerström Halmstad hundsim 

Over And Our Skott The Border Collie

European Open 2016 in France

We drove 1400 km down to France and 1400 km back home and had a greate time…. And IT just got better and better. My swedish team With Jenny Damm-Lily, Jouni Orenius -Neela, Tobias Sjöberg -Rozz and Me My self Skott With My master Jörgen Tellqvist was in 5th place going in to the teamfinal… And IF I hadn’t got to close to the jump in the end we would have had the goldmedal… But I did … But still got the Silvermedal. Very proud of My teammembers, and this is our team for World Champion too!

A movie from our runs

Team Sweden
The best little cheerleader, cheering for Dady and SWEDEN! And ofcourse Me Skott!

Take care and enjoy life, 

Over and Out skott The Border Collie

He moved in?!?!?!

Yesterday we had a greate day. My hole family went to the place where I was born and we went sheephearding. I love it! In the fall my master and I are gone compete.

ME and my Master hearding

Elton Don and Rebecka Hearding


But today it feels a little bit better…. I mean he is sooo small so He cant’t do mush CAN HE? He wont’t be as good as I’am!?!?! Right!

So let me introduce to you my new little brother Hexgårdens Breezy Hero called Floyd


The Swedish National 2016

This weekend was The Swedish Nationals where I and Jörgen competed both individual and in team. Our team, team Arrak endedup with a 5th placering out of 33! And me myself and I together w Jörgen got a 9 th place totaly after I knocked down a bar in the end.

Here are my runs…

I was in 6th place after this first run


Over And Out Skott The Border Collie


I 4got to tell you….

Time realy flies… And I have been busy taking care of My family that has been sick, cellebrating 4 bithdays, graduationparty, training, working and so on… So yes I, Skott the Border Collie 4got to tell you how I did on the tryouts for the Swedish National Team on the weekend o 29 of april to 1 of may.

90 large dogs tried Out for 4 spots for Word Agility Open Champion ( and also European Open and Nordic championship) 8 runs in 3 days and you need to have clear rounds to get any points at all. And me and Jörgen did realy good…. But then in the 7th run Jörgen puls a muscle in his thigh. What???? We can’t run the last one?!?!?!?!?! So from our camper we can only wait and wait and wait for the result. And yes we did IT we qualifed as team 4 and will be representing Sweden in European Open France in july, World Agility Champion in Spain And The Nordic Championship in Norway in the fall.

Jörgen has been representing Sweden With all his Border Collies on World Agility Open Championship. Frist he did IT With Ricky then Asphagens Don, then Don’s son Hexgårdens Zack and now ME Hexgårdens Sam, thats My real name, but pleased Call me Skott or maybe IT should be SIR SKOTT  at this time!!!!

Proud of My self and of course My dear Master Jörgen Tellqvist!

here is a move from one of our 7 runs

And here is our last run when Jörgen hurts him self, but I’m strong I jumper realy high and did My best to help us both get thrue. And man did IT feel good.

Over and Out Skott The Border Collie